Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fish Sausages Recipe

Check out my Fish Sausages Recipe and discover how Fish Sausages Recipe can help you to stay eaten and more healthy.

Fish Sausages Recipe also can be added to any dieting program and can be:
-quick prepared
-can be made in any time

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INGREDIENS: 1 small spoon Red Pepper 700 grams Fillets hake salt 50 grams bread crumbs 100 milliliters of milk 100 milliliters of oil little Parsley 2 slices bread 50 grams Flour


The family sea hake is closely related to the fish species cod.
Hake has an elongated body, wide oral aperture and a long jaw with strong teeth. Reaches a length of 1 m. and weight 10 kg.
Mainly feeds on sardines, mackerel and herring.
He lives in the Northeast Atlantic, Mediterranean and Black Sea.


The slices of bread, pour the milk and let stay 10-odd minutes.
Then drain them from the milk.
Fish fillets cut them to pieces, so the machine to grind grind together with iscedeniot bread.
Add salt, pepper, finely chopped parsley and 2 mixed eggs and mix to get an equal mixture.
With floured hands take the mixture and frame longtail "sticks" as small sausages and put them in the remaining 3 eggs mixed and immediately mix the bread crumbs and flour.
Then fry them in heated oil, taking care not burning.
When fried butter and put them on kitchen paper to absorb unnecessary fat and served.

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